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R&B Group Gets Fit for Comeback Tour with BeneFit Personal Training

Members of Eighties R&B group, SKYY, preparing for come back tour, hire BeneFit Personal Training to develop their Personal Training for Seniors fitness and nutrition program. Their goal: stronger, healthier bodies to accompany their new look and sound.


The lead singers of SKYY, a 1980’s R&B group, best known for their song, “Call Me” has hired BeneFit Personal Training to help them get in shape for their come back tour. Lead singers Denise, Dolores and Benita Dunning have decided to pursue a comeback after a 20 year hiatus from the recording studio.

“We decided to continue the Legacy of SKYY’s music because even though we recorded our last album in 1993 they are still playing our music on the radio,” Denise explains.

The Ladies of SKYY, which they now call themselves, have been training weekly with their BeneFit senior personal trainer at their Newark, NJ home. Their goal: stronger, healthier bodies to accompany their new look and sound.

“We work a lot as entertainers.” Benita explains. Sometimes we perform 35 min- 1 ½ hour shows. That takes its toll. If we didn’t train our show would lack.” The trio, now in their 60’s, have different fitness goals but they are all committed to improving their health and fitness which had fallen on the list of priorities over the years as they have settled into their hectic lives as wives, mothers and grandmothers.

“We have grandchildren now and that was a big part of it for us,” Denise says. “We need to be here for [them]. Having this vehicle available for us is going to help to keep us moving forward into a healthier future.”

Helping our senior citizen clients achieve a more active and vibrant lifestyle is a central objective for BeneFit Personal Training which has been serving the senior population for over 20 years. “I danced to their music as a kid”, said Bentley Ritter, BeneFit Personal Training CEO. “So needless to say I am honored that they “called me” and thrilled to be in a position to help the Ladies of SKYY in their latest endeavor to get an entirely new generation of young people up on the dance floor.

BeneFit Personal Training, based in Voorhees, NJ, currently serves senior citizen personal fitness training clients throughout New Jersey and several other states. Since its founding in 1996, BeneFit Personal Training and its personal training team has supported thousands of people in reaching their health and fitness goals.

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