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Motivational Coaching

Tired of one size fits all weight loss programs that do nothing for your body or your self esteem? If so, it’s time for you to try in home personal training with BeneFit Personal Training!


Our Comprehensive Approach Means You Get Results!

With BeneFit Personal Training, you receive a complete suite of services designed to help you stay motivated and on track.* Our in-home personal training program brings Fitness Training, Motivational Coaching and Meal Planning Support together in one affordable offering.  With BeneFit Personal Training you get:


Fitness Coach To Keep You On Track

When you get started with BeneFit Personal Training, you are assigned a personal Fitness Coach who calls you regularly to provide the encouragement, support and the accountability you need during your non-training hours. It’s during these off hours that many of our clients are tempted to get off track and sabotage their fitness programs.


Personal Fitness Training At Your Home or Office

Your certified, pre-screened, Personal Trainer will come to your home or office, when it’s most convenient for you, and take you through fun, challenging, workouts designed especially for you.

Your one-hour workouts will include aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching. We’ll bring all of the fitness equipment you need to your home so you can tone up, lose weight and improve your energy levels.*


Free Meal Planning Assistance

We give you free assistance from our Nutritionist to help you accelerate your progress on your personal training program.* We’ll help you create balanced, healthful meals using your own favorite foods!

Get Started Today!

So, if you are ready to take the first step toward a healthier and more vibrant you*, call us at (888) 323-8677, or FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to GET STARTED with one of our IN HOME PERSONAL TRAINERS!

*Every individual is unique. Your results and progress may not be the same as our other clients. Results vary based on your starting weight, activity level, eating habits and your adherence to our program.