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Exercise Classes for Teachers!

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BeneFit Personal Training provides affordable, onsite Exercise Classes for Teachers!

Our program is a dynamic and fun-filled exercise program that promises to energize, tone, burn calories and reduce stress.

Bring our Exercise Program to your team and reap the rewards of:

  • a healthier workforce,
  • lower stress levels and
  • greater employee satisfaction.


We can provide your team with:

  • GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES – We can offer a variety of weekly exercise classes to help coworkers, with similar interests and fitness goals, make progress together.*
  • NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING & telephone support from our nutritionist.
  • INCENTIVES – Personal training sessions make a great Employee Reward!


We would love to talk with you further about your needs and how we can best assist you and your Faculty and Staff.  Please call us today at (888) 323-8677!

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Request our FREE GUIDE “5 Keys to Low-Cost Corporate Fitness Programs” and discover creative ways you can nudge employees toward healthier lifestyles!*

*Every individual is unique. Your employees’ results and progress may not be the same as our other clients. Results vary based on your starting weight, activity level, eating habits and your adherence to our program.





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