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BeneFit Personal Training Customer Reviews

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*Every individual is unique. Your results and progress may not be the same as the clients below. Results vary based on your starting weight, activity level, eating habits and your adherence to our program.

“I started working with Benefit a year ago. My personal trainer, Chris C. is terrific. He was always on time, courteous and very professional. I have learned a lot over the past year. I travel for work and Bentley was very accommodating adjusting my pay schedule accordingly. Working with an Internet company initially concerned me. I was afraid I would never get in contact with them. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I received responses from Bentley and his staff. I would recommend this company.”

– Karen D., Manorville, NY

“I was looking for a personal trainer who would come to my house and train me. BeneFit found someone, and I have been working out with the trainer for over 3 years. My trainer is great and BeneFit has been a pleasure to work with”

– Tim K., Cranberry Twp, PA


I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I LOVE working with Nelli, the new trainer you assigned me. She gets a big THUMBS UP from me!

So thank you ,

– Erik G., Weehawken, NJ

Pleasant Sunday Bentley and Francine,

They say that good things come to those that wait. I would like to thank you for sending Andre. He is the best trainer by far, He is a trained trainer. He goes through explaining the steps when he is showing me what to do along with explaining the benefits of each exercise. He is patient, thoughtful, respectful and very punctual.I have seen results from the few workouts that I have had with him. Again, thanks.

– Aileen R, New York, NY

“Things are going well with my personal trainer Charles. He shakes things up. Every workout is different.
He really challenges me, and I’m looking forward to results happening! ”
My best

– Kelli, Mahwah NJ

“BeneFit assigned a trainer who comes to my house. The trainer is very flexible in terms of hours and catered the training program to my need. I am extremely happy with the service.”

“I can’t imagine a trainer with better interpersonal skills than Don’s. He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, focusing on the needs that my family physician wants addressed and doing it with a fine touch of mentoring, not simply ordering me about.

(As an 85-year-old who’s mentoring ESL students, I realize the importance of”encouraging” and not merely “ordering” clients.) So I’m eager to maintain my professional relationship with Don.”*

– James W., Senior Citizen In home Personal Training client Chevy Chase, MD


“BeneFit assigned a trainer who comes to my house. The trainer is very flexible in terms of hours and catered the training program to my need. I am extremely happy with the service.”

– Emanuel S., Montville, NJ

“The classes went off very well. We are very satisfied. It has been very helpful and the Trainer was very professional, kind yet disciplined. Just the right person for my daughter.”*

– Lalitha K., West Windsor, NJ

April 14, 2016

Hi Bentley,

I am sorry things  didn’t work out with that one potential trainer.  With my mother being from a small town we knew, from the beginning, the options were limited.

I am very appreciative of your diligence in checking qualifications, backgrounds, etc.  and notifying me so quickly of your decision against placing this professional in my 87 year old mother’s home.

Very seldom do we see any professionals putting their clients interest first – but this is exactly what occurred.   You did not care about the “sale”.   You forfeited the sale because you wanted the best trainer for my mother to help her achieve the best outcome.

The fact that you then suggested an alternative solution, when we determined we could not move forward is, after only one brief introductory phone-call, hard evidence of your outstanding commitment and customer service.

Thank you!


Sean B.



“Bentley, I wanted to keep you posted. It is going great with Rita C.. I’m really so happy that it’s been a good fit. My hour feels like 2 — I get so much work in. Just wanted to say thanks again for your initial follow up and patience until I got on board. I can’t wait to see my final results after my last session!”*

– Astrid Gonzalez, Little Ferry, NJ

“I was only going to do the initial workouts that I signed up for but went ahead and signed up for more.

I would like to say with my BeneFit Personal Trainer, Valerie, I have gone from a tight size 8 to a nice fitting size 6 and lost 10 lbs. It seemed effortless as she changed the work out to always keep me interested and excited for the next one.”*

– Rachel H, Marlboro NJ

“Good morning Bentley,
We liked Ken very much. He was very professional , kind and
helpful with my 14 year old son. Thank you very much.”

– Karen B., Langhorne, PA

“This month has been my second month working with the trainer Wilma. She could not have been better and I am really happy I got to work with her. I have reached my desired weight loss goal (15lbs) in less than two months!”*

– Ellen W, Montgomery Village, MD


“My trainer, Fernando, has been very professional and patient with me… and I, as well as others, have seen a significant change in my body.

I feel different already with my clothes and appearance.

Thanks for everything, it has been life changing. I actually enjoy exercising now!”*

– Jeanie S., Coral Gables, FL


“Thanks so much. My trainer, Derek, has been great. I have lost almost 60 pounds and I’m almost back in shape to resume training for marathons. Thanks!”*

– Richard H., Houston, TX


“The training sessions with BeneFit Personal Training have been very helpful in getting me back in shape. My trainer, David, has done a good job in adapting some exercises for me since I have fibromyalgia with some back and neck problems. I’m confident that I’ll be able to continue exercising on my own following the program that David has set up for me.”*

– Clara G., Silver Spring, MD

“Everything is fantastic! I love my trainer, and I’m definitely seeing results.”*

– Kate O., Houston, TX

“Hi Bentley [My Personal Trainer] Shawn was GREAT!!!!!!  Very professional and a great personal trainer. Thanks for your wonderful service and excellent program. I have gotten great results.”

– Lyndell E., Lindenwold, NJ 

“Bentley set us up with a local trainer that fit my exact workout needs like a glove. Working with our trainer is affordable, fun, and is beyond convenient because they come right to you! This was my first experience with a personal trainer, and I must say that I am more than happy!”

– Shane B., Brooklyn, NY

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