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Thank you for your interest in working with BeneFit Personal Training. If you are a friendly, honest, reliable, experienced and certified personal trainer we would love to consider you for our team.

BeneFit Personal Trainers deliver one-hour, in-home, sessions to our clients which include aerobic, strength and flexibility training components. About half of our clients do not have any equipment, so you need to have light-weight portable equipment like dumbbells, elastic bands, steps, medicine and/or stability balls to work with these clients. You should also be willing to invest in liability insurance to protect yourself, your clients and our company (under $200 per year).

Because we are not physically present to observe your sessions with our clients, we need to be confident you will adhere to the exercise guidelines we provide, and honor your commitment not to solicit our clients.

We handle all of the marketing, sales, initial client paperwork, and provide our clients with nutritional support. You get to focus on what you enjoy most — actually training clients!

If you are a honest person of integrity, and you are interested in pursuing opportunities with BeneFit Personal Training, please complete the form below.