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BeneFit Personal Training Renews Contract with Cardone Industries to Deliver Exercise Classes to its Philadelphia Employees

Cardone Industries, the nation’s largest privately held auto part remanufacturer, has partnered with BeneFit Personal Training to turbo charge their corporate fitness program.

“Studies show that employees who exercise regularly are more productive, exhibit lower rates of absenteeism, and contribute to lower healthcare costs,” says BeneFit Personal Training President, Bentley Ritter. “Our onsite exercise classes make it easy for people to fit exercise into their very busy lives.”

Cardone decided to offer weekly exercise classes onsite in an attempt to break down the number one barrier employees sited that hindered their ability to exercise consistently… a lack of time. Now, Cardone employees in Philadelphia, at both their corporate headquarters and nearby manufacturing facility, have access to five weekly classes which are offered during and after work hours.

“The instructors have been great,” said Samantha Boyd, Cardone’s Population Health Manager. “Each instructor brings a different kind of workout. But we always know that classes will be challenging and participants will get the encouragement they need to stick with it,” Boyd explains.

Participation is not only encouraged but incentivized. Once certain milestones are reached, employees are eligible to receive a significant reduction in their health insurance premiums.

“For those who participate in the program, we closely monitor percentage body fat, body fat mass and lean body mass, and many employees have seen great improvements in all of these areas,” Boyd adds.

BeneFit Personal Training located at 1010 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19123, currently offers corporate fitness programs to companies in the Philadelphia Metro Area, throughout New Jersey and several other states. Since its founding in 1996, BeneFit Personal Training and its personal training team has supported thousands of people in reaching their health and fitness goals through regular exercise and sound nutrition.

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