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BeneFit Personal Training Helps Women in Transition Lead Healthier Lifestyle

BeneFit Personal Training Partners with Benevolent Baskets to Help Women in Transition Lead a Healthier Lifestyle.

Baltimore, MD  April 18, 2017

BeneFit Personal Training and Benevolent Baskets are working together to help at risk women adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Benevolent Basket, a non –profit organization located in Baltimore, MD creates ornate gift baskets for the public. Revenues from the baskets go to fund the organization which serves formerly homeless women transitioning to self-sufficiency and independence.

The organization’s leadership believes that healthy lifestyle choices are central to their mission of helping women in transition gain full independence and lead highly productive lives. So they reached out to BeneFit Personal Training for assistance.

Each week a Benefit personal trainer meets with a group of 15 women for a fun, energy boosting and calorie burning training session. BeneFit Personal Training’s motto, “You Can Change the Shape of Your Life” is in perfect alignment with the mission and intention of Benevolent Baskets. “Our goal is to provide our clients with a fitness solution that stimulates body/mind/spirit”, says Karen Lerario, executive director of the organization.

Benevolent Basket’s holistic approach includes case management, job training and education, meals, social services and now, fitness and wellness. “We chose BeneFit Personal Training to help us with the fitness and wellness component because the company was very accommodating and adaptive to our scheduling needs,” Lerario explains.

With hundreds of trainers in its network, BeneFit Personal Training is in a unique position to pair clients with trainers that will be ideally suited to them. “Nancy, our BeneFit Personal Trainer, is a perfect fit for our clients,” Lerario says.

All of our clients are special, says Bentley Ritter, BeneFit Personal Training CEO and founder. “But we are particularly honored to serve these courageous women who have chosen not to be victims but to fight for the life that they and their children deserve.”

BeneFit Personal Training, based in Philadelphia, PA currently serves individual and corporate clients throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC. Since its founding in 1996, BeneFit Personal Training and its personal training team have supported thousands of people in reaching their health and fitness goals.

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