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Benefit Personal Training Brings Work Out After Work Program to Staff at Whittier Elementary

BeneFit Personal Training Launches Onsite Exercise Program for Teachers. 

PHILADELPHIA, PA March 23, 2017   Class was in session at Whittier Elementary at KIPP in Camden, NJ last week but there were no students allowed. Last Thursday, teachers at Whittier dismissed their students, put on their work out gear and headed to Room 9 for a fun and dynamic exercise class led by fitness pros from BeneFit Personal Training.

For decades, schools have been stressing a healthier lifestyle for students. Administrators at Whittier have decided to lead by example by providing staff the opportunity to invest in their own health and wellness. Classes, which are being held once a week, are underwritten by the school which further demonstrates the high value the school places on helping to create a healthier workforce.

While administrators and teachers love the health benefits they also see the workplace benefits associated with providing an outlet for teachers to interact together off the clock, have fun and decompress after work.

“I really enjoy this exercise class because my colleagues and I are having fun working out together and I feel a sense of accomplishments when it’s over,” says Whittier teacher and class participant, Leslie Johnson.

This initial kick off served as the launching pad for a larger initiative that BeneFit Personal Training has in place to provide onsite classes to teachers across the Philadelphia metro and Southern New Jersey areas.

“For decades, employees at for profit corporations have been implementing wellness programs at the workplace and reaping the benefits of a healthier and more active workforce,” said Bentley Ritter, BeneFit Personal Training CEO and founder. “We believe that teachers and administrators deserve to have the same opportunity.”

BeneFit Personal Training, based in Philadelphia, PA currently serves individual and corporate clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC. Since its founding in 1996, BeneFit Personal Training and its personal training team have supported thousands of people in reaching their health and fitness goals.

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