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President’s Message

Bentley Ritter Jr
Bentley Ritter, Founder of BeneFit Personal Training

Thank you for considering our personal fitness training program!  Over 20 years ago, I got certified as a personal trainer so I could help my own family and friends get healthy.* I quickly realized that there were many more people in need of assistance than I could ever help on my own.  That moment marked the genesis of BeneFit Personal Training!

Now, decades later, we have a committed team of certified personal trainers eager to help you reach your most important fitness goals — in the privacy of your home or office.  We’ll also help you with your meal planning and give you a fitness coach to provide you with support, encouragement and some accountability when your trainer isn’t with you.

I know we can help if you’ll just give us a chance.  Please give us a call or email today if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you change the shape of your life!

Wishing you all the best,

Bentley Ritter


Bentley Ritter is Founder & President of BeneFit Personal Training.  Since 1994, BeneFit personal trainers have helped thousands of people lead healthier, more productive lives through regular exercise and sound nutrition.  Bentley is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and lives in southern New Jersey with his wife, Faith, and their two daughters.

*Every individual is unique. Your results and progress may not be the same as our other clients. Results vary based on your starting weight, activity level, eating habits and your adherence to our program.