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BeneFit Personal Training was founded in 1994 by Bentley Ritter and his childhood friend, Sean Thompson. Bentley and Sean had each experienced the pain of watching loved ones suffer the ill effects of neglecting their health. Consequently, both men vowed to do everything  in their power to help people regain and maintain their health through regular exercise and sound nutrition.* That commitment was the seed that ultimately grew into BeneFit Personal Training.

Today BeneFit Personal Training is operated by Bentley and his wife Faith. As working parents, we know how challenging it is to squeeze exercise into an already full and hectic schedule. Over the years, we’ve learned some strategies that have helped us and lots of our clients. We know we can help you and your family too!

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*Every individual is unique. Your results and progress may not be the same as our other clients. Results vary based on your starting weight, activity level, eating habits and your adherence to our program.