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What services does BeneFit Personal Training provide?

Your personal trainer will come to your home, when it’s most convenient for you, and take you through personalized workouts we’ll design based on your goals and current fitness level.

We also give you free access to our meal planning program, and provide you with a Fitness Coach to help keep you on track when your trainer isn’t around.

What will I do during my personal training sessions?

Aerobic activities like walking, jogging or calisthenics. We even have some trainers who can do activities like kickboxing and TRX.

Exercises designed to strengthen and tone up your muscles, using light dumbbells, elastic bands or your own body weight.

Stretching exercises to keep you limber and reduce your chances of injury.

Do I need to have any exercise equipment of my own?

No.  Your in-home personal trainer will bring  all of the light-weight, portable exercise equipment you need to lose weight, look and feel better and improve your health. If you  already have exercise equipment at home, we’ll incorporate it into your workout program so that you have a routine you can do when your trainer is not with you.

How much do your in-home personal training services cost?

Our in-home personal training rates vary based on geographic area. Please let us know your city, state and zip code and we can provide you with our rates in your area.

Do you have female and male trainers?

We have both male and female trainers available in most areas and time slots. Please let us know if you have a strong preference for a male or female trainer.

Are your at home personal trainers certified?

Yes, our in-home personal trainers are all certified through reputable organizations such as the American Council on Exercise, International Sports Sciences Association, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

They have also passed national criminal background checks, so you can rest assured they are safe to have in your home.

Do you work with Senior Citizens and Children?

Yes, our certified personal trainers make exercise safe and fun for clients of all ages. We modify each client’s program based on their current fitness level and any previous injuries or physical limitations.

*Every individual is unique. Your results and progress may not be the same as our other clients. Results vary based on your starting weight, activity level, eating habits and your adherence to our program.

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